Semester disciplines 2019.1: link

Duration in years: Maximum 4
Basic area: Social and humanities (90192000)
Evaluation area: Interdisciplinary  
Titration: Doctor
Legal basis: Course approved by the Chamber of Education of post-graduation and research in 23/03/07, Opinion No. 33/07.

Mandatory disciplines:

Discipline Code Workload
Epistemology and Knowledge Construction EDCA85 51
Methodology of Analysis of Cognitive Processes EDCA86 51
Complex Systems EDCA87 51
Knowledge Representation System EDCA88 51

Mandatory disciplines per line:

Discipline Code Workload
Line 01: Processes of Knowledge Construction EDCA89 68
Line 02: Information Technologies and Social Diffusion of Knowledge EDCA90 68
Line 03: Cognitive Analysis II EDCA42 68

Mandatory activities:

Discipline Code Workload
Guided Teaching Internship EDCB15 51
Qualification Exam EDCB12 17
Thesis Seminar EDCB14 68
Complementary Activity EDCB16 0
Doctoral Defense EDCB13 17
Guided Research EDCB11 51